Getting started

Getting started #

Download #

Download the zip file from the top page.

Please select the one that best fits the environment in which you will use it. The file name is as follows:

  • Windows :
  • Linux :
  • Mac :

Install #

Unzip the downloaded zip file to any folder and execute the following file.

  • Windows : Hagoromo.exe
  • Linux :
  • Mac :

For Mac, please refer to Open a Mac app from an unidentified developer.

Add Accounts #

  1. Open the Manage Accounts dialog from the sidebar.
  2. Press the Add button.
  1. Set the following:
    • Service
      Basically no change is required, but other PDS can be used.
    • ID
      Input oen of the following:
      • Handle
      • E-mail
      • DID
    • Password
      Input the application password you created on the official site.
      Do not use real passwords.
  2. Press the Login button.

Add columns #

  1. Select the account
  2. Choose the item you want to add from the column types
  3. Press the Add button

Display the following column types:

  • Default Feeds
    • Displays Following and Notifications.
  • My Feeds
    • Displays the saved custom feed(not Pin to Home).
  • My Lists
    • Displays my lists (not a list to mute or block).

Post #

  1. Press the button marked with a pencil (or n key).
  2. Please input your wonderful event (up to 300 charactors).
  3. Press the POST button.

Adjust scroll velocity #

The scrolling velocity of the columns may be too fast or too slow for your environment, but an adjustment function is provided.

  • If too fast: Adjust to the left
  • If too slow: Adjust to the right

The default value is 2500.