Prepare to post

Prepare to post #

Before posting, set the items at the top of the dialog (described on this page).

Select Account #

Select the account in the drop-down list with the handle displayed.

When you open the post dialog, the account set to Main in the account management will be selected. If there is no Main mark, the account at the top is the target.

If you select a reply or quote from a post and display the dialog, the account of the column in which you performed the operation will be selected. In that case, you can still change the account. However, you may not be able to post if you have changed the account to one that cannot post due to reply restrictions.

Selecting an account will change the following items.

  • Who can reply : Changes to the status set in Account Management.
  • Language Settings : Changes to the previous selection.

Who can reply #

You can restrict the accounts that can reply to your post.

Select from the following:

  • Everybody
  • Nobody
  • Combine these options(Up to 5, including listings)
    • Mentioned users
    • Followed users
    • Your lists

It cannot be set on replies to other posts. Restrictions can only be placed on posts that are the first in a thread.

Language Settings #

Select the language of the post you will spell.

The language set by the OS is displayed at the top.

Up to 3 can be selected.

It is used for display in timelines and feeds. It is recommended that you select a language that you use frequently.

Press the OK button to save your selections for each account.