Various posts

Various posts #

Reply #

You can reply to the post.

  1. The Reply button on the post brings up a dialog.
  2. The post to which you are replying appears at the top of the post dialog.
  3. Input the content of your reply.
  4. Press the POST button.

Quote #

You can quote the post.

  1. Select Quote from the menu displayed by the post’s Repost button.
  2. The post from which you are quoting is displayed at the bottom of the post dialog.
  3. Input the post content.
  4. Press the POST button.

Mention #

Mention the handle in the post in the format of @handle to make a mentions.

Mention from Profile #

Assists with mentions to accounts displaying profiles.

  1. Press the post icon to display your profile.
  2. Press the ... button at the bottom right of the profile details.
  3. Select Send mention from the menu.
  4. The post dialog appears with handles inputed.

Search for candidate handles #

Assists in inputing handles in editing the post body.

  1. Enter @ followed by a letter of the alphabet.
  2. Candidate accounts will be searched and displayed.
  3. Select with the up/down cursor keys.
  4. Press Enter to confirm. (Input space to exit)

Add hashtags #

You can include hashtags in your post.

The following strings of conditions are recognized as hashtags and posted.

  • Conditions
    • A string of non-whitespace characters beginning with #.
    • However, the next letter after # must be a non-numeric character.
    • Blanks before and after, line breaks, sentence beginnings, and sentence endings
  • For another expression
    • (BOL or white space charactor)#(non-numeric and non-whitespace character)(non-white space characters)(white space charactor or EOL)
  • For regular expressions
    • (?:^|\s)(#[^\d\s]\S*)(?=\s)?

You can create a link card for a website with OGP(Open Graph Protocol).

  1. Input a URL.
  2. Press the + button.
  3. If you can get the OGP, you will see a preview of the link card.

You can remove the link card with the trash button.

Attach images #

You can attach images.

  1. Press the Image button.
  2. An image selection dialog appears.
  3. Select up to 4 images.
  4. Press Open.
  5. A preview of the image is displayed.

You can add Alt messages.

  1. Press Preview Image.
  2. The Alt message input dialog appears.
  3. Input your message and press the Add button.
  4. The Alt symbol appears in the image preview.

You can unattach images with the tras button.

Setting labels #

Can be labeled for sensitive posts. Used primarily for image postings.

  1. Press the shield symbol button.
  2. Select the appropriate item from the menu that appears.

If the viewing user has set the display of sensitive contents to warning, the images will be hidden as shown below.