Column settings

Column settings #

Auto loading #

The column contents are automatically reloaded every time selected in the Interval.

Interval #

The interval between reloads.

Column width #

Width can be adjusted from 300 to 500.

50 increments.

Image layout #

The layout of the preview image to be displayed when an image is attached.

  • Compact : Displays up to 4 images on a single line.
  • Normal : Displays the image in a 2x2 layout.
  • When one is whole : If there are more than 2 images, the same 2x2 layout as Normal will be displayed.
  • All whole : All four images are displayed vertically in a row.

Display #

You can select what to display in a column.

Since the data is retained, it can be restored once hidden.

Notification column #

You can choose to show or hide the following

  • Like
  • Repost
  • Follow
  • Mention
  • Reply
  • Quote

Home (Following) #

You can choose to display or not display the following

  • Reply to unfollowed users
    • If off, only replies to users you are following will be displayed.
  • Repost
    • When set to off, it will be hidden as shown in the table below.
Reposted by→ You You You Following Following(A) Following(A) Following
Was reposted→ You Following Not following You Following(A) Following(B) Not following
Reposts by the user - - - - -
Reposts of users followed - - - -
Reposts of users you do not follow - - - - -
Reposts of your posts - - - - -
Reposts by you - - - -
Item Supplemental explanation of selection criteria
Reposts by the user Who is reposting who?
Reposts of users followed Who you are reposting
Reposts of users you do not follow Who you are reposting
Reposts of your posts Who you are reposting
Reposts by you Who is reposting

Combination of column type and display content #

Item Home Notification Search Post Search Profile Custom feed User feed List
Auto loading
Column width
Image layout
Display - Reply to unfollowed users
Display - Reposts by the user
Display - Reposts of users followed
Display - Reposts of users you do not follow
Display - Reposts of your posts
Display - Reposts by you
Display - Like
Display - Repost
Display - Follow
Display - Mention
Display - Reply
Display - Quote