Muted word

Muted word #

You can hide posts using pre-registered words.

The registration of words can be shared with official applications. However, the criteria for being hidden is different from official and other third-party clients.

Mute Criteria #

Post body text #

  • When Japanese is included in the post’s language setting
    • Mute the post when the post body contains a string of characters registered as a mute word.
  • When the post language setting does not include Japanese
    • Mute when the post body is divided by spaces and a string that exactly matches the mute word is found.

Tag #

  • Mute when an exact match is found with the hashtag string embedded inside the post.

Register words #

From hashtag #

You can register mute words from hashtags set in the post.

  1. Right-click on the hashtag
  2. Select “Mute #XXX” from the context menu
  3. The Edit Mute Words dialog box will open.
  4. Choose from the following options to check for mute
    • Text and tags: The text and the hashtag information behind the hashtag.
    • Tags: only the hashtag information you have on the back
  5. Press the “Add/Update” button
  6. Press the “Save” button

Supplement #

  • You can delete a word by clicking on the trash button.
  • Clicking on a registered word copies the word to the edit box.
  • Attempting to register an existing word will overwrite the existing settings.
    • In other words, you can change the words to be muted or checked.
    • You cannot change the word itself. You can add and remove words.
  • If you add # to the first letter, it will be removed and registered.
    • This is because hashtags are internally embedded in the post without the #.
  • If you change the mute word in another client while working on the addition, it will be overwritten with the content in Hagoromo.
  • The button to the right of the account name will reload the settings stored on the server.
    • The content you are editing will be lost. Please note.

From Account Management #

You can edit the settings for each account.

  1. Open Account Management Dialog
  2. Select “Muted words and tags” from the menu of the account you wish to edit
  3. As well as registration from the hashtag